DWC, your partner for decentralised and renewable solutions of water supply and waste water treatment


A successful technical and social integration of a number of different technologies into a real life project is the key objective of DWC. Avoiding fossil fuel in the selection of the required technology will not only reduce running costs but it will be also the only choice for a really sustainable, long term solution.

A decentralised approach and the integration of renewable energies to provide solution to the growing water problem are the fundamentals of DWC.

We offer:

  • General consultancy
  • Problem analysis
  • Selection of appropriate technologies and processes
  • Installation and Set up
  • Social and technical integration of various solutions
  • Training/ongoing services
  • Financing

Our team consists of a number of specialists from various fields. We are happy to help you in all aspects of a truly sensible, integrated and sustainable water supply and we can offer solutions for waste water treatment and re-usage.


DWC, DecRen Water Consult, Tel  +49 (0)651 1490529 , Mobile:   +49 (0)171 8827644  , oliver.kopsch@dwc-water.com

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