Composting toilets

Composting toilets have a number of benefits

- they do not need any water
- they produce compost earth for garden
- process human waste as well as any other organics from kitchen or garden
- creates hygienically save environment
- simple and clean usage
- a small, local and decentralised nutrient cycle

Functioning of composting toilet system

This system takes all human waste including fecel and urin, toilet paper and any other organic material and creates compost through natural processes with a minimum of two years.

The system consists of a container that is linked directly to the toilet pipes. The pipes have an inlay that prevents a direct view into the container and can be taken out of the pipe for easy cleaning.

A ventilation system ending at the roof and supported by a ventilator transports the required oxygen via the container and keeps a smell free environment.

This system is ideal for remote locations like eco resorts. It can also be installed in private homes, weekend homes or any other place where the container can be placed directly underneath the toilet.

Depending on the size of the container you can connect an 8 person household per container.

The compost that you take out can be directly used in the garden or elsewhere.

Pictures: Functioning of the system, the actual container (with closed and open door), the "simple" toilet and an example of how you can build an outside toilet (Please note the nice detail that the doors where you get the compost out are coloured black. The sun heats up the doors and therefore supports a natural ventilation).


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