What does DWC stand for?

DWC, DecRen Water Consult stands for decentralised and integrated solutions for the whole water sector that are powered by renewable energies.

The current situation shows that centralised solutions for water supply and waste water treatment come closer to its limits technically and financially. Nevertheless not much effort is shown to change the fundamentally needed change away from a small number of centralised structures to a large number of autonomous decentralised structures. Even worse, various legal requirements (at least in Germany) strongly discourage the use of sound and proven technologies. Centralised solutions seem to be the preferred choice if they fit the local structure or not seems to be secondary.  

Despite that situation there are a growing number of people, companies and organisations in Germany and across the world who have developed and applying successfully simple, effective and proven decentralised water solutions. 

The prices of fossil fuels are likely to increase. The effort and costs to run conventional powered water solutions is increasingly difficult to calculate over the coming years. The only choice to calculate with some certainty the water costs longer term is by using technologies or processes powered by renewable energies.

DWC's objective is to develop sustainable solutions to help solving the water problem

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