Corporate News

WASH concept for rural Ethiopia implemented!!! 13. noviembre 2012
We have done it!! Spending over 2 months on site in rural Ethiopia for the implementation of our WASH concept (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) we have actually build the next phase of an integrated... [Leer más]
"Kopsch-Tower" still performing under cyclone conditions in Ethiopia 8. agosto 2012
In 2011 we have installed the "Kopsch-Tower" in rural Ethiopia. (Actually it is a civil engineered tower that hosts a number of flexible features such as raw water tank, desalination... [Leer más]
BBC Radio 4 interviewed DWC live on grey water recycling 4. mayo 2012
On Wednesday 2 May 2012 DWC was part of the morning show in the BBC Radio 4 program.

We have been asked to comment on the statement of what the UK Environment Minister has told BBC... [Leer más]
IFAT Munich and DWC 7-11 May 24. abril 2012
This years IFAT www.ifat.de will be very exciting - again. Our friends and partners in the industry will present and show case many new and amazing products and... [Leer más]
Solar powered waste water recycling in Ethiopia (November 2012 UPDATE!!) 10. abril 2012
Following the huge success in designing and implementing a solar powered energy & water kiosk in rural Ethiopia the donor was so impressed that we have received further funding... [Leer más]