Decentralized water purification with solar produced chlorination

System components: PV panels, Prefilter, Chlorination, Submersible pump, transport box

This is a system for the energy autarkic decentralized treatment of contaminated fresh(!) water (no saltwater). The system can be assembled within some minutes to pump and treat available water. All necessary components are delivered in a small and compact transportation box.

How it works

1. Freshwater is lifted via the submersible pump from depths up to 70 m.

2. After the pre-filtration process, the chlorine is produced via anodic oxidation from salts that occur naturally in the water.

3. In the reservoir the disinfected water is safely stored on the long term. From here it can be tapped or distributed via central piping network.

4. The water quality is continuously monitored.

5. Depending on the water quality the control unit adapts the disinfection process and sends optionally all operational parameters online for remote control.

6. Due to the delivered solar photovoltaic modules the system is independent of any infrastructure and works energetically autarkic. Batteries are not required.(but are optionally available for longer operation hours)

Well pump and PV Panel

Areas of application

Municipalities and private water supply

The flow-rate and water-quality are controlled continuously. The data are stored on a SD-Card and can be broadcasted over GSM to the Internet. Thus for an operator it is an easement for verifying the water-quality and for accounting the utilization. 

Non-governmental organisations

The system can be easily applied everywhere. The plug-and-play handing, the light weight and the solid components are significant for the water-purification in impassable areas. The system is running independently due to its own energy supply. No batteries are needed. Because of the communication unit the operator is informed about its position, the flow-rate and the water-quality. Due to the depot effect of the chlorination the transport of the purified water in canister is possible.


The sytem can be easily integrated in remote hotels, lodges or little islands. Hence you offer your guests safe drinking-water- without adding any substances. It is running by renewable energy, the integration in an already existing island is without any difficulty possible. Thus you have a good feeling, for your guests and also for the environment.

Pure water quality

The water that is treated by this chlorination system is not only optically clear, but due to the production of the minimal necessary quantity of chlorine also sustainably protected from recontamination. The chlorine itself is electrochemically produced from salts that occur naturally in water. No chemicals need to be added.

From turbid microbial contaminated water the system can produce safe, drinkable water. The pictures of microbial analysis show, that after treatment no indicator germs can found. In terms of microbial quality this implies drinking water quality, which protected from recontamination.

Installation & Maintenance


The installation requires the construction of a simple scaffold, pipeworks and the mounting of the delivered system at a appropriate location. All cables are prefabricated and need to plugged only. A mix-up of such is impossible. After that the system start automatically and adapts all operational parameters to the local conditions.


To the regularly necessary work to be done belongs the cleansing and flushing of the pump, the filter, and the electrolytic cell. This way the long term reliable operabilty can be assured. All components are easily accessable and cleanable with simple means.

During the product development the systems durability and solidity of all components has been a major focus. All susceptible components have been rationalized. Despite of its techical innovations the system has nealy no wear parts. The supply of energy is permanently guaranteed by solid solar PV modules, which substitute expensive combustions engines that are prone to failure and very expensive on the long term.

The pictures depict that the operation and maintenance of the system can be conducted by anybody.

Summary / Key points

The water is disinfected via filtration and the production of the minimal required quantity of chlorine.

No chemicals have to be added into the water. The chlorine is produced from ions naturally present in the water via anodic oxidation.

The system complies with the requirements for water disinfection and assures safe water over several days due to mandatory residual disinfectant.

The supply of energy is assured via solar photovoltaic modules only.

For a continuous supply with water it does not rely on batteries.*

Up to 400 Liter per hour of water can be produced.

The integrated submersible pump can lift water up to 70 m.

The water quality and consumption is monitored direct and continuously.

These data can be transmitted online.

The routine maintenance is simple, fast and competitive.

The components are robust and long-lasting.

Costs stay permanently low. 

It is easy to transport and can be put into operation quickly.

The System will be delivered in a convinient transportation box. This box can be use as a small water tank as well.

In delivery conditions it weights only 40 kg (including solar PV-modules, pump and transportation box) 

* Due to the additional integration of Batteries the quantity of water produced can be doubled (operation over night).