Sensors, Monitoring, Storing, Controlling, Alarming

Thanks to modern technology innovative water quality and other instruments or sensors are available at competitive prices. Those instruments cover parameters like

- Flow
- Pressure
- pH
- Conductivity
- Salinity
- Temperature
- Dissolved oxygen
- Ion

- UV radiation
- Power production (solar/wind)
- battery status
- power consumption

and a large number of other water, power or weather relevant data.

UV sensor, flow meters, pressure sensor


Solar powered, small power consumption mobile or fixed data loggers are available with 5-32 inputs, resolution 12-16 bit, opt. status input. Free programmable configuration and instantaneous combination of inputs, with memory cards, control outputs, weather proof housing.

Datalogger installation around the world

Software for dataloggers

Comfortable user friendly software according to state of the art for free programming or with masters, data transfer, processing, evaluation ass well as control of processes.

The output of data can be coloured graphics, evaluation on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Or through ASCII-files on monitor, printer or discs.

Display of instantaneous values on monitor (tabular or process scheme) via personal computer, laptop, phone line (modem) or wireless communication services.