Water Management Software

Water is the basic source of life and an important indicator of the quality of our environment. However, the quality and availability of water are increasingly endangered. Hydrological disasters are expected to accumulate. Solutions for sustainable water management must be found and implemented.

Interdisciplinary teams of competent engineers, natural scientists and information scientists with many years of experience are needed for this taks. The focus lies on water management and environmental protection consulting, customer-specific solutions for information and decision processes, and the development of software products to support water management decision making.

The goal is to provide for each request the required consulting service, the most adequate solution, and the corresponding software. From the simplest tool to the most comprehensive integrated information system, the latest methods, information technology and established simulation systems are used. Synergy effects from integrating engineering and natural sciences with classical computer science and the latest geo-information systems are exploited.


With the simulation software and powerful GIS and CAD systems used, cost-efficient, effective, high quality results can be delivered. The continuous evolution of software in combination with consulting offers the most modern methods and state of the art tools.

Projects conducted are concerning groundwater monitoring, management, and protection projects. The spectrum of the activities stretches from reclamation in mining regions to groundwater managements studies for water utilities, to waste disposal studies.

Other important areas of consulting activities are surface water management and hydrology. By using long-term management models management sudies on watershed water quantity and quality and prepare corresponding models are conducted. The range of services naturally includes the classical tasks of hydrology, such as precipitation-runoff-simulations, the development of flood forecasting models, flood regionalization and groundwater recharge modeling.

In addition, it can provide sophisticated studies concerning flooding with the associated software. This includes the identification of flood plains and analyses for sustainable flood protection using GIS-based information and desicion-support systems.

As a business partner it does not limit the activities to just solving classical hydrological and water management problems. You can also expect years of experience in integrated surface and groundwater management, for example, in the renewal of wetlands and the renaturation of water bodies.

In addition to water management consulting, carry out landscape planning projects are carried out. These include environmental impact studies and landscape maintenance planning for the development of water ways.

If you require special studies related to water conservation within the context of complex environmental planning, we can help you!

Groundwater consulting

  • Groundwater management
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Hydrology studies of water system performance or of groundwater dynamics after interventions
  • Producing hydrological and hydro-geological maps

Information and Decision Support Systems

The ever increasing complex practice of water management and rapid evolution of information technology require, in addition to general software products, customized software systems to solve customer-specific problems.

GIS technology plays an increasingly important role. However, without specific preparation and analyses of complex documentation and planning processes, business processes or services, the intelligent use of spatial and time-related data is unachievable.

By combining extensive water management expertise with competence in classic information and GIS technologies we can produce spatial information and decision support systems to address the problems. We apply GIS-based approach beyond water management and environmental protection to other areas as well: for example we develop software systems for river basin management and geodata server solutions for firefighting services or real property information systems.

We will work with you throughout, from problem conception to analyses, design planning and development through implementation and maintainance of your software system. In addition to on-site training and outsourcing services, we of course also provide peripheral GIS services.

The solutions are based on technologies and products of the future:

  • For problem and data analysis, modern data modeling systems, are used.
  • Working with object-oriented programming languages (C++, C#, JAVA), established standard programming languages (VB, VBA) and Internet script languages (VBScript, JavaScript).
  • Based on years of experience with GIS technology we and our partner are offering access to the latest developments, for example, access to geodatabase technology.
  • Our partners use modern database management systems from leading producers (e. g. ORACLE, Microsoft SQL-Server). We handle migration and tuning tasks.

Customer Care

Proprietary software as well as GIS products have become more and more complex. Therefore it is necessary that clients have a partner who can support them during the software application.

Software purchase is only the beginning. Training courses for all products are offered in dedicated training centres or in your own workplace.

If there are any problems in working with the products a qualified support is provided.