Worlds first LED water saving shower head showing water consumption viernes, 30. marzo 2012
Shower head changing color based on consumption Incredible, we know LED shower heads indicating water temperature. This new development from Germany indicates how long you use the shower.

The first three minutes under your shower the shower head lights green (like average shower use) only powered by the water pressure.

After three minutes of operation it changes color automatically into yellow (very much like traffic lights) for another 2 minutes to warn that you should really come to an end.

After 5 minutes of operation it goes red indicating that it is really time to stop now. If you till continue it flushes red after 6 minutes.

Aditional feature is that the showerhead has flow regulator at exactly 10l/min (max) no matter how much water pressure you use.

Really amazing!! We have tested it at our place and typical question after the shower is now: Are you a green shower person?

Summary: An elegant way to educate users (kids, guests, tourists, workers...) for water & energy saving behaviour!

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