How does DWC work?

DWC is a product neutral and independant consultant who works in the interest of the client. That means we do not jump to product conclusions. We rather look at the clients individual water issue and develop together a desired outcome. In many cases we find in the initial analysis stage an enourmous saving potential with very little technical effort. 

The process is as follows:

  • Client problem
  • Analysis of the local situation
  • Presentation of saving potentials and problem solution
  • Set up and installation by professionals
  • Financing of the technical components (BOM)
  • Local training
  • Maintenance of hardware (locally/remote)


In order to find out the best technical solution for a specific water problem - waste water, process water or waste water - DWC and its partners have developed the following questionnaire for our clients to be filled in.

Click on the picture or download the pdf here

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