Collection chamber

Wastewater flows through a conventional gravity drain from each house to a collection chamber installed outside the building.

When a pre-determined volume of wastewater is collected in the collection chamber sump the hydrostatic pressure activates a pneumatic controller.

This controller opens a pneumatic vacuum valve and the wastewater in the chamber is completely evacuated into the vacuum sewer pipe. No electricity is required at the collection chamber with all operations entirely pneumatic.

The water tight collection chamber is manufactured in PE-MD with three different designs available for the following loading conditions: 

- pedestrian loading
- flood-proof and pedestrian loading
- flood-proof and traffic loading up to 40 t

In all designs the vacuum valve unit is kept separate from the wastewater sump ensuring the vacuum valve unit remains clean, dry and accessible.

Additional advantages of chamber system are:

- easily adapted on site to suit the level of house service drains and vacuum sewer pipes
- no smell or deposits
- no electrical power at the chamber
- removable plug for connecting a suction lance enabling local emptying and easy cleaning
- a stopper can be quickly installed to isolate the vacuum sewer for valve maintenance

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